Why Preschool Education is Important
June 22, 2022Written by Ms. Rapuncel ASIS - Chennai

Sending your child to preschool will pave the way for him to succeed in all areas of life. Preschool is where the parents and school lay the foundation for the child’s learning disposition. During the preschool period the child develops habits and general skills they apply throughout their life. If you start it right, you will have a big chance to build a strong groundwork to build upon as they grow.

The ages 3 to 5 is most crucial in a child’s education because it is during this time that the child acquire and forms skills that they will use to be independent and succeed in life. One of this skills is language acquisition. At this age, they learn to speak with their teachers and classmates. Along with this process, the child also learns how to socialise. This is considered by many as the one of the most important life skills a person must possess. 

The process of learning during this time is vital. It is during this time that the child must acquire the joy of learning through discovery, exploration and play. As a parent, you must never force your child to learn. This will create an impression on your child that learning is a burden and they will learn to dislike it. You must always find opportunities for learning at home and make the experience fun and natural. 

As your child grows, the lack of constructive education may result to missed opportunities and the development of unsatisfactory habits which will be hard to undo. Nurturing your child by giving him the opportunity to develop a healthy learning disposition will help your child develop into an independent and responsible individual. Send your child to a preschool that will help you cultivate all the necessary values, skills and knowledge that they need to acquire.

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