Assessments at Anand Singapore International School, Chennai
June 22, 2023Written by Lenard Murray ASIS - Chennai

ASIS, an international school, understands the expectations of parents from teachers. Parents expect their children's teachers to understand them better and help them at every level of knowledge processing. Along with the teachers, the parents expect their children to grow and achieve greater heights in academics. 

Around the globe, parents expect teachers to be compassionate, thoughtful, and passionate. Teachers must update themselves to understand better what they teach on the ever-growing knowledge base. Teachers must know to handle students from different backgrounds with different needs and speak different mother tongues at home. It is the responsibility of the teachers to promote unity and tolerance. 

ASIS takes care to conduct continual assessments and provide feedback on the performance of students. The teachers must ensure that students feel valued and part of the performance by allowing them to work in collaboration. Teachers not only collaborate and work with students; but also with teachers and students from other schools. Teachers play the role of a mentor who interacts with them frequently and helps them build their aspirations strongly.   

In international schools in Chennai, seems ASIS Education it is the responsibility of the teachers to discover the passions of students and guide them to strengthen specific areas to succeed. Teachers follow effective learning strategies to help students learn in-depth and solidify their lifelong learning.  

At ASIS, we support teachers with regular interactive sessions to upgrade teaching skills and meet the higher standards of the educational curriculum followed at school. Professional collaboration between teachers and other school staff helps integrate teaching and life skills that are needed to survive in the world. Following disciplinary standards inside the classroom and at the school campus is necessary to show performance in academics. Teachers must have a positive impact on students so that they can successfully handle diverse classrooms.  

ASIS offers a holistic environment that stimulates, engages, and provokes excellent learning moments for students. Educators at ASIS mentor students to travel smoothly in their journey towards the knowledge process. The teachers at ASIS help students from their tender age become natural learners, nurture their interests, and sharpen their talents. Along with academic proficiency, ASIS believes in inspiring learners at school to move towards greater heights. At ASIS, we pay attention to what children are interested in and plan projects to help them develop skills and knowledge. 

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