Why is EDGE Certification Important for ASIS Chennai?
June 22, 2023Written by Ms. Rap ASIS - Chennai

Why is EDGE Certification Important for ASIS Chennai?

The undeniable impact of global warming around the world has made more people conscious of lessening its effect through purposeful control of their purchases, consumption, and investments. This awareness encourages responsible companies to adopt green projects and eco-friendly practices.
ASIS Chennai feels the importance of being involved in pushing for sustainable development. Aside from educating our students on the fundamental principles of the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals, we as a school and organization want to implement programs that are sustainable, smart, and affordable. What is EDGE certification and why is it important to our school? 

What is EDGE Certification?

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency) is a certification created by IFC (International Finance Corporation)  which evaluates the construction of green buildings thereby promoting the construction of buildings in a sustainable way.  This certification was developed to mitigate the environmental impact of buildings in their direct energy consumption, water consumption, and the energy footprints of the construction materials used.
The Edge certification allowed access to a system for our architect and building designers which could easily guide them into building a resource-efficient school building. The EDGE system helped in making our building design energy efficient, sustainable, and ecologically friendly.

How does the EDGE Certificate benefit us, the ASIS community?

Our building was built with sustainability and efficiency in mind. This means our facilities are guaranteed to last for decades ensuring that we adhere to our tenet of being smart consumers and environmentally- friendly global citizens.
ASIS, as one of the leading international schools here in Chennai, has adopted this EDGE green building standard because we know that it is important in mapping our pathway into Zero Carbon footprints in the years to come. 
When our Founder, Mr Jaspal Sidhu and the board here led by Arjun Kalasalingam designed our building, they aimed to reduce the water and energy consumption by 20%. After construction evaluation by EDGE our energy savings are up to 49.7%; our water savings is up to 44.66%; and our embodied energy in materials used at 43.22%
This achievement is a breakthrough for us at ASIS and the SIS Group of Schools in general as it stamps our heartfelt commitment to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - to integrate sustainability in everything we do. This shows our community the quality of our ecology-friendly International school.


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