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International Primary School

The primary years (ages 7-12) are the very formative years. This is the time when a good primary education looks to the development of cognitive, social, emotional and cultural skills. Here we focus on growing the self-discipline young people need to become the best holistic learners they can be.

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In areas of knowledge (subject areas) the ASIS Primary program focuses on the foundations of maths, science, and English, regional languages, music, sports, physical and health education and innovative arts.

School activities and learner-teacher conversations look to build on qualities and skills around perseverance, analytical thinking, collaboration/communication, and entrepreneurism.

At ASIS, learning is all about inspiring the learner. We just don’t teach here. Instead, we coach, mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage.

Inspired Learning for Inspired Futures

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Are highly qualified and experienced. They are part of the diversity of cultures within the learning community that we embrace.

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Are passionate and have excellent pedagogical and subject knowledge.

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Have a special personality that we look for. They are warm and hard-working. Their classroom skills are exemplary.

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Are focused. They set high expectations of their learners, working with them very closely to achieve the goals set.

Fit the SIS Group of Schools EFFECTOR™ model.
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E- Earnest: Down to earth personality that has an honest connection with students

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F- Funny: Sense of humour enabling learning to be interesting and enjoyable

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F- Firm: Maintain control with a friendly, safe, open and respectful environment

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E- Enthusiastic: Encourages curiosity and motivation in students by leading by example

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C- Consistent: Fair and just actions creating stability, calmness and security

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T- Timeliness: Demonstrates excellent time management skills and protocols

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O-Opendminded: Willingness to consider new ideas; unprejudiced by age or culture

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R- Researchers: Continued development of oneself as a lifetime learner


As each child learns differently, ASIS subscribes to the holistic assessment of each learner to build the desire to reflect, learn and communicate. This includes informal avenues like continuous monitoring in class (observations), informal interactions, parent participation and more formal avenues like score-tracking, semestral assessments, and international benchmarking.


For learners who are still working towards the expectations of the subject, ASIS has an Academic Support Program, where the subject teacher will give individual support and attention to the learner outside of curriculum time. This allows them even greater personalized attention.


We encourage parents to provide feedback on our learner’s experiences and emotions. We then work with parents to enhance and reinforce their learning to ensure our children are always having fun learning both in school and at home. If you are a parent and would like to be more involved in the learning community, please contact the Principal directly:

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The ASIS Primary Curriculum is modelled after that used in top schools in Singapore. It focusses on the foundations of maths, science, and English and ensures excellent exposure to multiple languages, music, sports and the creative and innovative arts. It builds the qualities needed for the 21st century through our PACE initiative.


We help our learners to understand adversity and persevere. We coach them very closely on their journey towards their own goals.

Analytical Thinking

Learners are taught to analyse before solving problems. They test predictions and generate solutions. They learn to plan, prioritize and act.


Learners are given opportunities and guidance in learning how best to collaborate in teams. They learn to apply collaboration and communication skills


ASIS learners will apply their knowledge across many disciplines. They will be able to develop and apply the entrepreneurial spirit in all they do.