Better Learning in Better Environment at ASIS
June 22, 2023Written by Lenard Murray ASIS - Chennai

Anand Singapore International School in Chennai promotes collaborative learning at all levels. Collaborative learning develops higher-level thinking skills among students. It boosts the self-esteem and confidence of students. Group projects at ASIS maximise the learning experience by improving interpersonal skills.  

Collaboration, built on mutual respect and trust, supports the development of collective expertise and skill. Collaboration differs from cooperation. Collaboration between schools requires working on an agreement to achieve a common goal. Collaboration also brings separate organizations to work under a new structure to fulfill a common goal. Inter-school collaboration shares good practices and professional expertise of participating schools. 

When educational institutions collaborate with other schools, they need not work in isolation and starve for resources. Schools collaborating with Singapore International Schools exchange information, share resources, and help to enhance the capacity of another with mutual benefit and achieve a common goal. Resources are secured jointly, and they share end products. 

School systems across the globe have realized that their students must know how to collaborate with different teams. While collaborating, a diverse range of strengths and perceptions work together. There is more opportunity to come out with better ideas and nurture creativity in arriving at solutions. Working in collaboration increases morale and boosts confidence. 

Collaborative learning in schools promotes a positive learning experience in the classrooms. It initiates teachers to help students understand diverse cultures and create a favourable environment for learning better. Responsive learning cultures in classrooms support students to complete tasks along with their peers and teachers. Collaborative efforts in classrooms help students to have faith in their own culture, self-esteem, and self-confidence.   

With the latest development in e-learning technology, collaborative work beyond classrooms with other schools has developed 21st-century learning skills. At ASIS, for discussions on collaborative project work, students can use specially designed rooms for group discussions.  

ASIS offers a holistic environment and Eco-friendly Infrastructure that stimulates, engages, and provokes excellent learning moments for students. Educators at ASIS mentor students to travel smoothly in their journey toward the knowledge process. The teachers at ASIS help students from their tender age become natural learners, nurture their interests, and sharpen their talents. Along with academic proficiency, ASIS believes in inspiring learners at school to move towards greater heights. At ASIS, we pay attention to what children are interested in and plan projects to help them develop skills and knowledge. 

Global diversity of both the student body and faculty means graduates are tolerant and global thinkers.


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