Where did my summer go?
July 6, 2021Written by Rapuncel ASIS - Chennai

Our kids are often excited about upcoming summer breaks. They enthusiastically plan what time to wake up, what games to play, and what new hobbies they will take up if they're lucky. We are sometimes swept away by all this enthusiasm, but then in the blink of an eye, summer's gone. 

When summer's gone, we look back and realise that the children spent a purposeless summer. What more? Teachers also get frustrated because they suffer from what we call 'loss of learning syndrome' when they come back to school.

To ease the summer break boredom and mitigate the loss of learning during this pandemic summer, we at SIS organised a fun-filled  SIS International Online Summer School. We offered various exciting courses like Exploring Culture through Stories, Fun with Maths, Cool Science Projects, Music and Movement, and so much more. Our students were learning new things, but they also got to make new friends with students from Indonesia, India, and Myanmar. Boone, a Thai student, studying in India, said, "I am having fun in my video editing class. I can meet new friends and also learn useful skills".

In the SIS International Summer School, students availed themselves of the power of the SIS Group of Schools. They had the privilege to learn from exceptional SIS teachers from participating schools. It's incredible to see teachers from various SIS schools come together and create experiential and fun lessons online. This summer school was born from the minds of Mr. Jaspal Sidhu, our founder, and Mr. Lenard Murray, Executive Head Teacher for the SIS Group of Schools. Ms. Rapuncel Principal of ASIS Chennai, Mr. Dennis of SIS Semarang, Ms. Jeanne of SIS Myanmar, Ms. Jennifer Head Teacher, and Ms. Fidya of SIS Cilegon organised and delivered the SIS Summer Programme.

In SIS, we don't ask," Where did our summer go?". Like John Mayer, we say, "'Cause a little bit of summer's what the whole year is all about."

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