21st Century Skills - Why students need them
September 15, 2023Written by Ms. Rap ASIS - Chennai

The 21st century is an era of new dimensions, new openings, endless opportunities, and insane innovations, which have brought a massive shift in the education system. To flourish in this world, survival tactics alone will not be enough, children need special skills, which have to be taught and nurtured from a very early stage. The traditional way of education will equip kids to survive in the world, but the 21st century demands special skills which will equip them to master every aspect of life, from life skills to digital skills to face the challenges of uncertain probabilities the future holds.

Schools play a vital part in teaching kids these crucial 21st-century skills. International schools strive to impart these skills to children through relevant learning & teaching programs. It is also the role of parents to teach kids these essential skills in support of the school, as they are the primary teachers from whom children learn moral and ethical values from a very early stage. Below are the 21st-century skills one by one in detail, parents can go through them and create an atmosphere where kids can learn these skills.

Learning Skills(4C's): 

Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication are the 4C's of the 21st century's learning skills. Which educates children about the mental process required to adapt and advance in life. 

Critical thinking: make children understand that "every problem will have a solution" and teach them to observe, analyze, question, and then solve a problem. 

Creativity: teach them to think outside the box and guide them to approach a problem with an open mind, from a new perspective without any prejudice. 

Collaboration: show them the importance of teamwork and make them understand the importance of adaptability and peer learning. 

Communication: help them to share their ideas effectively, and teach them the tactics of, what to tell, when to tell, and who to tell. 

Literacy skills: 

The literacy skills needed for the 21st century go beyond just reading and writing. In this technologically advanced world, children need to learn information literacy, Media literacy, and technology literacy to forge ahead in the world. 

Information literacy: teach them how to discern fake and real information, help them to recognize and understand what sounds plausible, what sounds exaggerated or fabricated, etc. 

Media literacy: make them understand the power of information and communication, and teach them how effective communication can make an impact and bring a desired change in the world. 

Technology literacy: teach them to effectively use technology, and make them understand the importance of more than just benefiting from it. It is important for students to know how to code, edit and create technology for the needs of the times. 

Life skills: 

Life skills are essential knowledge that every child needs to acquire to handle life challenges effectively in their personal and professional lives. 

Adaptability: teach children to adapt and adjust to their surroundings without losing their uniqueness. 

Leadership: show them how to support, encourage and motivate others to attain a common goal. 

Initiative: help children to take action on their plans and ideas, and allow them to take the initiative. 

Efficiency: teach them to learn how to prioritize their needs, manage their time, and be productive in an era of distraction. 

Social skills:

Make children understand the importance of manners, politeness, kindness, and how to work with others for mutual benefits. 

Global and cultural awareness:

Through this, children learn about the diversities around them and learn to respect those differences. 

21st-century skills help children succeed in the globalized and rapidly changing world. It is the important responsibility of schools and parents to nurture these skills in children from a very young age. Give children a brighter future by joining them in the right learning atmosphere where they comprehend the essential skills which allow them to fully access the possibilities and shine in the world.

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