The importance of Parental Influence to a Child’s Success
April 8, 2024Written by Muthu Velu P ASIS - Chennai

Parenting is a significant responsibility that begins even before a child is born. Parents have a strong impact on their children's character and values from the early stages of life. Despite busy schedules, parents must prioritise spending quality time and engaging in meaningful interactions with their children during their formative years. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's story illustrates how parental guidance can lead to remarkable success, showcasing the influential role parents play in shaping character and achievement.

Looking back on my childhood, a crucial moment vividly demonstrated how parents can deeply impact a child. Growing up in the peaceful Andaman Nicobar Islands shielded me from life's harsh realities. But one morning, witnessing violence in my neighbour's home left a lasting impression on me. Seeing my neighbour with a knife and blood-stained hands served as a stark reminder of the effect of parental influence. The event had a significant impact on both me and my childhood friend and caused a drastic change in her behaviour after witnessing violence at home. She went from being carefree and happy to being withdrawn and aggressive, leading to a disturbing incident where she harmed another friend with a compass. This served as a clear example to me of how children absorb and reflect the behaviours they see, emphasising the importance of parental influence on their moral compass and emotional development. This event also made me realise the need to create a caring and supportive environment for children to grow, protecting them from negative external influences.

In the many years I have been teaching, I have seen this truth in the kids I have the honour to teach. The values being taught at home shine through at school. Therefore, through these observations, I surmised that the bulk of responsibility in training the child should be at home and not left to the school. At ASIS, the teachers try their best in moulding the children to be good individuals, but nothing beats good training from the home. I think that when parents' and the school's values align, it results in children who know how to make the right choices in life. Because of this, parents should be mindful of the impact they have on their children's future. They should model values like integrity, empathy, and resilience. Through communication, leading by example, and providing consistent support, parents help children navigate life confidently.

I believe that it is very crucial for educators and community members to acknowledge and support parents as the key influence on the child’s success. It is crucial for parents and educators to partner together to imbibe good values into our future generations.

Muthu Velu P

Mr Muthu is our Hindi and Global Perspective teacher. He is also the events coordinator  for AY 2023-2024.

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