How Traveling Reframes Kids' Mindset
October 25, 2022Written by Ms Anu Rathina Devi ASIS - Chennai

Adventures are the best way to learn. Children learn a great deal from their traveling experience. One must think, how is that possible? What would they remember? But one should also not forget that these valuable experiences encourage growth within the child.

The importance of travel has endless possibilities, like various cultural experiences, new adventures, family bonding, personality development, independence, and so on. Exactly how reading stories to young kids provokes a spirit of adventure, likewise traveling from a young age broadens their spectrum of thoughts.

Read on further to understand how traveling explores the spirit within a child. 

  • Traveling makes a child more independent and responsible. Laying out and motivating the child to make new adjustments will help them to build a wonderful foundation in their life
  • Traveling deepens the creative angle in a child. Children are creative when they come to terms with different cultures and places. They would learn a lot by just watching and understanding their actions.
  • Children will be more flexible in nature. Traveling and exploring new places requires patience. Imagine how this value is showcased at a young age!
  • Traveling boosts great social skills. Traveling offers a diverse range of social opportunities. To have the space to connect with people from different nationalities is a great privilege.
  • Traveling strengthens family bonding. Just imagine…. getting on an RV and driving along the coastal roads with your family... admiring the beautiful scenery out the window and chatting with your family, deepens your family bonds.
  • Children will be tolerant and accepting. Traveling can bring out the worst and best in people and so there are plenty of opportunities to practice during different situations. Children will learn to adapt to new changes and become more tolerant.
  • Traveling boosts their school performance. As a result of real-life experiences, traveling adds a great source of learning. Students would be exposed to new cultures which would spark their curiosity and wonder to learn.

Since traveling has a lot of benefits, in our school we integrate Learning Journeys to our curriculum. Our students get to travel together and experience the world outside with their classmates. We believe that learning not only happens in classrooms, but more so in the outside world.

Traveling is magical. It is a wonderful tool that will shape a child’s future by sculpting now. So, where are you planning to travel with your family?

About Author:

Ms. Anu Rathina Devi is our Secondary Science teacher who is also a psychologist.

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