The advantages of belonging to a diverse community
October 6, 2021Written by Lenard Murray ASIS - Chennai

With its culturally diverse community, Anand Singapore International School has grown into one of the best Cambridge syllabus schools in Chennai. At ASIS, we believe that when children can learn with other children from different cultures, backgrounds, and upbringing, it will lead to increased collaboration and innovation. With its excellent infrastructure, ASIS proves that the increased diversity on the school campus brings in positive vibes. It also encourages children to achieve higher levels in academics.  

Diversity in higher education has a positive impact on the future of our students. It helps them to work with others from different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, and origin. This kind of exposure at a young age helps them grow into individuals who have greater awareness, broad understanding, and open-mindedness to accept different customs and beliefs.  

At ASIS, diversity promotes creativity in our students. Creativity helps them bring together original ideas and transform them to build unique, personal, and new ideas. Exposure to new experiences and ideas helps them grow more creatively. In the professional or nonprofessional scenario, solutions can be arrived at with ease bringing diverse perspectives together.  

Schools must instill global awareness in their curriculum standards when the world goes through tremendous changes, especially during this pandemic. The issues that students face now require an education focused on global citizenship. So, diversity in the classrooms will help students have general opinions and perspectives about the world around them.  

Exposing students to views and opinions different from their own will allow them to analyse their ideas and opinions. It will help them sharpen their problem-solving and decision-making skills. By following the Cambridge syllabus at ASIS, our students enjoy the fruits of global education. It also helps them understand the nuances of the social, cultural, and economic sectors at the global level. 

ASIS offers a holistic environment that stimulates, engages, and provokes excellent learning moments for students. Educators at ASIS mentor students to travel smoothly in their journey towards the knowledge process. The teachers at ASIS help students from their tender age become natural learners, nurture their interests, and sharpen their talents. Along with academic proficiency, ASIS believes in inspiring learners at school to move towards greater heights. At ASIS, we pay attention to what children are interested in and plan projects to help them develop skills and knowledge. 

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