Offer your child the best with Singapore Curriculum at ASIS
July 15, 2021Written by Rapuncel ASIS - Chennai

Every school works towards achieving its level best to be unique and be a pioneer in imparting education to children, the future of this world. Similarly, Anand Singapore International School (ASIS) makes every effort to offer the best education for its students.   

To achieve this, ASIS follows the Singapore curriculum that focuses on teaching less and learning more strategy. It offers special attention to developing the creative thinking and problem-solving skills of children at school. 

In the global education arena, the Singapore curriculum, with its prestigious rank of being exceptional, helps children realise their potential and inculcate a tremendous passion for learning throughout their professional lives.  

The consistent initiatives taken by experts in the educational field developed into the Singapore curriculum that has won global recognition and ranks as the best curriculum. ASIS at Chennai has adapted Singapore Curriculum standards for their wards at school and worldwide.  

While talking about the importance of a school curriculum, it is good to remember that it is always considered an instrument needed for national development.   

Globalisation in the twentieth century has widely opened doors of development that focus on economic integration across boundaries and strongly supported by innovative technology in education.   

The Singapore curriculum offers the best opportunity to prepare young children to be conscious of their significant roles in society and helps them develop their overall personality as they enter adulthood. 

The Singapore curriculum emphasises imparting broad-based education at the primary level. That progressively develops at the higher level to offer options that would suit their varied interests and abilities. 

At ASIS, by adopting the Singapore curriculum, we help our students to be 

  • a confident and adaptable person who thinks and communicates effectively 
  • a self-directed learner who queries, reflects, and shows determination in their learning pursuit
  • an active contributor who works efficiently along with the team, works hard for excellence, exercises initiative, always innovative, and never hesitates to take calculated risks
  • a responsible citizen who takes an active role in resolving social issues with a strong civic sense and informed of everything. 

ASIS offers a holistic environment that stimulates, engages, and provokes excellent learning moments for students. Educators at ASIS mentor students to travel smoothly in their journey towards the knowledge process. The teachers at ASIS help students from their tender age become natural learners, nurture their interests, and sharpen their talents. Along with academic proficiency, ASIS believes in inspiring learners at school to move towards greater heights. 


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