Using Art to Improve Your Children's Well-being
August 1, 2023Written by Ms. Yasmin Banu ASIS - Chennai

All kids are born as artists. We must have seen wall scribbles with crayons in several houses, a child building a sand castle on the beach, writing or drawing on the beach. Art is not only fun but also education by itself.

Studies say art plays a very important role in a child's development. It helps in fine motor skills, cognitive development, improving math skills and language skills. A child who is artistic can learn more easily as they learn the subject in a different way. Mind mapping helps the children to explain well or remember a tough subject. With art, kids learn practical things by themselves.

One example is when they push the crayon very hard the color is darker and vice versa.

As a teacher, I have used art to teach practical things to my young learners. Here are some suggested activities that I have used effectively before:

1. Create prototypes before creating a real model. When children create a prototype, their imagination works and they realise that they do not get things perfectly the first time and that there is room for improvement when we create things.

2. Use book illustrations to create an impact in your child’s mind. You can also ask your child to visualise the book characters as it helps improve his/her imagination and observational skills 

3. Use art for expression of the feelings and ideas of children. Giving our child a creative outlet can help relieve stress.

4. Use your child’s drawing by asking open ended questions to improve his/her communication skill. 

Art helps the kids to express their unique perspective, so as a parent make full use of this means to help improve your child’s wellbeing.


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