Twinkle Toes and Tiny Steps: How a Preschool Teacher's Dance Moves Sparkle in the Classroom!
March 25, 2024Written by ASIS Education ASIS - Chennai


Have you ever considered the different levels that define our identity? Do we capture interest? Are we good at something? As a kindergarten teacher, one of the questions that matters to me is: Am I inspiring my students? To be honest, I'm not completely certain, but one thing I know for sure is that they love dancing with me!

Have you ever experienced the sensation of music flowing within you, directing your every move? Dance, my friend, is not only about moving; it serves as our therapy and motivation—a rhythm that energizes our soul.

Isn't life just like a rollercoaster ride? At times when we are feeling blue, dance has the amazing ability to uplift our spirits. It instills us with certainty, revives dormant interests, and turns our surroundings into a realm of boundless potential.

And if you, my friend, have misplaced something important on your journey, I can assure you that dancing could potentially assist in rediscovering it. It is the joy that is ready to be found again, the bliss waiting to fill your soul again.

As a teacher, I use dance to inspire and motivate the children. Imagine this: as we move in silence, we can hear the reverberations of our dreams, the murmurs of our fears, and the harmony of our aspirations. The dance goes beyond just the movements; it's the narrative conveyed through each bend, jump, and spin.

In the fluidity of life, each movement we make is an exploration of self-awareness, a reflection of our deepest essence. It is a language that crosses boundaries and unites us all, one elegant gesture at a time.

Therefore, my friend, pause briefly, inhale, remove your shoes, and dance with me.

Thank you for accompanying me on this dancing adventure. And if you happen to trip, no need to fret - we'll just incorporate it into the routine.

Continue moving to the music.

Ms. Rashmi

Preschool Teacher

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