School Events Teach Our ASIS Kids About Money, Honor, Responsibility and leadership
March 16, 2023Written by Ms. Rap ASIS - Chennai

School Events and What they Teach our Kids

School events, such as sports days, performances, and business fairs, provide more than just a fun day out of the classroom. These events are essential for creating valuable teaching moments for students, and they have the potential to shape their character and values in a positive way. In this blog post, we’ll explore why school events are crucial for teaching important life lessons.


Teamwork and collaboration

School events often require students to work together as a team, whether it's a sports team, a house game, or a project. By working collaboratively towards a common goal, students learn important skills like communication, delegation, and problem-solving. They also learn that they can achieve much more together than they could alone, which is an important lesson for life.


Responsibility and leadership

Many school events require students to take on leadership roles, whether it's teaching the small kids how to decorate a booth, directing a play, or organizing a game for a business fair. By taking on these responsibilities, students learn to be accountable for their actions and decisions, and they develop important leadership skills like decision-making, delegation, and time management.


Resilience and perseverance

School events can be challenging, whether it's preparing for a big exam or participating in House Games. By facing these challenges and working hard to overcome them, students develop resilience and perseverance. They learn that success often requires effort and perseverance, and that failure is just an opportunity to learn and improve.


Empathy and compassion

Many school events are also fundraisers for charity or community projects. By participating in these events, students learn about the needs of others and develop empathy and compassion. They learn that they can make a positive impact on the world around them, and they develop a sense of social responsibility.


Creativity and self-expression

School events also provide students with opportunities for creative self-expression, whether it's through music, school play, art, or sports. By exploring their creative side, students develop their sense of identity and self-esteem. They learn that there are many different ways to express themselves and that their unique talents and abilities are valuable.


In conclusion, school events are crucial for creating important teaching moments for students. By participating in these events, students develop essential life skills like teamwork, leadership, resilience, empathy, and creativity.

These skills will serve them well in their future careers and personal lives, and they help to shape them into responsible, compassionate, and confident individuals.

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