Give your child the best international school experience at ASIS
June 22, 2023Written by Lenard Murray ASIS - Chennai

All parents want to see their children grow into better learners amidst sophisticated infrastructure supported with exceptional learning technology of the day. Anand Singapore International School (ASIS) stands out as one of the best international schools in Chennai, offering the best educational infrastructure par excellence

According to ISC Research, globally, 2.8 million students are enrolled in international schools. Every year new schools are added to the existing network of international schools around the world. This spurt of growth ensures the value of international schools and the impact they would bring in the lives of the children who graduate from there.

International schools promise to offer an education that prepares their students to look beyond where they live and achieve globally by breaking all boundaries of language and culture. The distinction between international schools and other schools is that here teachers also learn something unique, along with their students.

International schools follow different curricula, and formats to enhance the education offered at their premises. It is usually believed that an international school follows curricula different from the local or national curricula. These schools promise that students who graduate from their premises will endow global citizenship.

The distinct curricula followed in international schools prepare their students for global citizenship, help them in sync with an intercultural environment. The global educational standards in a sophisticated learning environment will help them win professionally anywhere, anytime.

One of the distinct features of international schools in Chennai is their curricula that focus on academic skills, soft skills, and the overall development of personality. This will help them develop into mature, responsible citizens. The accrued practical knowledge and communication skills in an international school are valued high as they allow excellence at all levels. 

One more distinct feature in international schools offers extra-curricular activities that support the overall growth of your children. The opportunity to learn foreign languages, arts such as dance, music, art, and photography develops them into multi-talented and multi-skilled to achieve their goals globally.

The positive campus climate at an international school helps students to progress successfully in their academics. The school infrastructure supports buildings and classrooms, both clean and inviting. The library infrastructure offers a book-rich environment both in the school library and in the classroom libraries. The display boards provide an excellent opportunity for children to display their work in the classrooms and on notice boards installed for this purpose. 

In an international school, the teachers are friendly and commit their time exclusively to the continuous development of the students. Periodic assessment in practice helps to evolve new ideas and integrate them with the existing assessment and evaluation practices.

While selecting an international school for their children, parents mostly look for additional language classes and extracurricular activities. ASIS, as an international school, in its Chennai campus,  offers the unique experience of learning, the best, and achieving the best.

ASIS offers a holistic environment that stimulates, engages, and provokes excellent learning moments for students. Educators at ASIS mentor students to travel smoothly in their journey towards the knowledge process. The teachers at ASIS help students from their tender age become natural learners, nurture their interests, and sharpen their talents. Along with academic proficiency, ASIS believes in inspiring learners at school to move towards greater heights.

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